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An NFL Have-Not Would Be Lucky to Have Tom Coughlin

[lead align=”default”]The former longtime NFL coach, Tom Coughlin, is back out on the market after sitting out the 2016 football season.[/lead]

Supposedly, he is in contention to retake his old job with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Media sources also report the Buffalo Bills are interested in him after tossing Rex Ryan.

Any team that hires him will be fortunate to have him.

Tom Coughlin and the Jacksonville Jaguars

Coughlin going to Jacksonville would show you can go home again. The Jags plucked up Coughlin as their first coach from Boston College, where he led the team from 1995 until 2002. He notched four playoff appearances with the Jags, which is four more than they’ve had since the 2008 season. Coughlin also led Jacksonville to their only two division titles.

What he’s been able to accomplish away from Jacksonville is impressive. Of course, he won two Super Bowls with the Giants and showed he can still be an effective coach even at an advanced age. He’s a spry 70, that’s for sure.

Between Coughlin and Jack Del Rio, Jaguars fans had it pretty good for a while. Since then, it’s been a revolving door. Tom Coughlin can bring some stability, but more importantly, victories.

Tom Coughlin and the Buffalo Bills

No doubt, the Bills are a more ready-made franchise for Coughlin. Even though he’s got a lot of energy for 70, he won’t be coaching forever, and Jacksonville is a rebuilding project. If he goes to Buffalo, he steps into a .500 team and has a chance to be a playoff contender next season with the right people.

It might also be a bit of a sentimental thing for Coughlin, being a native upstate New Yorker who went to Syracuse. (Okay, western New York isn’t quite the same as the rest of what might be considered upstate New York, and it’s not that close to Syracuse.)

If the Bills can get him, they should jump on him. In their prior coach, they had a successful coordinator who was inconsistent as a head coach. Coughlin had his up and down years but actually won things. At the very least, he could break Buffalo’s crushing playoff drought with a few new pieces in place.

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