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NFL Hot Seat: Black Monday Is Coming

[lead align=”default”]A few coaches have already been fired, but more sit on the NFL hot seat, and their judgment day approaches.[/lead]

That sounds very macabre, so allow me to put this in slightly less brutal terms: these are guys that are going to get fired. They’ll live; they just won’t keep their jobs.

Gus Bradley and Jeff Fisher already bit the proverbial dust (there we go back to the brutal categorizations). Which additional NFL coaches are going to be collating their resumes this time next week?

NFL Hot Seat: Mike McCoy, San Diego Chargers

The Chargers have missed the playoffs three years in a row, and they just lost to the 0-14 Cleveland Browns. This is back-to-back losing seasons for San Diego, and as they look to abandon their city, they might start fresh. In fact, I would put the odds of his dismissal at well over fifty percent. They were high before the Chargers lost to the Browns, but that was the coup de grace.

NFL Hot Seat: Rex Ryan, Buffalo Bills

<I>Editor’s note: In a case of strong foresight, Ryan was fired shortly after this article was published.</i>

For weeks, it has been rumored that Rex is done in Western New York. The Bills are an average team and their coach has an above-average mouth that doesn’t close. Unfortunately for him, the bluster doesn’t match the on-field results.
Some guys are built to be coordinators. That may be Rex’s next landing spot, somewhere.

NFL Hot Seat: Chuck Pagano, Indianapolis Colts

Chuck Pagano already used up all his magic pixie dust to keep his job last offseason. The egg timer is about to ding for Pagano, who will at best get Indy to 8-8 and no playoff berth. This is the first time in almost 20 years when they’ll miss the postseason in consecutive seasons.

They were only in the AFC South until last weekend because the division overall isn’t great. Were it any better, they’d have been done in November.

Pagano has proven to be a bad in-game coach, with a list of peculiar decisions a mile long since day one. If Pagano goes down, he will take the general manager, Ryan Grigson, with him.

NFL Hot Seat: Others In Discomfort, But Not Quite Done

Todd Bowles, New York Jets. The New York media, but more fans than anything, already turned on him. We mentioned that a while ago in a previous article. It clearly hasn’t gotten any better, since the Jets apparently packed it in for the year. He’s not making friends and/or winning people over anymore. Is Woody Johnson going to pull the plug after two years?

John Fox, Chicago Bears. The Bears are really, really bad this year. He’s close to entering “retread” territory as a guy on his third head coaching job, and this one isn’t going nearly as well as the first two. Yet, he is just in his second year, and the team he took over was pretty bad already. One figures Fox will get at least another year with a quarterback that hopefully plays a full season.

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