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51 for LI: Pick Six In Super Bowl XLIII

[lead align=”default”]It’s hard to believe, but only 43 days remain until Super Bowl LI. When recalling Super Bowl XLIII, however, the number six came up a few times.[/lead]

No, this isn’t mark of the beast territory or anything like that (or is it?) The number did, however, have some significance in the NFL’s championship for the 2008 season. This game featured the NFC champion Arizona Cardinals and AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

Super Bowl XLIII: James Harrison

Star Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison put six on the board just as time expired in the first half. He picked off Kurt Warner at the goal line and took it back the other way to the house. What was a narrow 10-7 lead became 17-7 at the half. As it turned out, the Steelers would need that cushion.

It was the only time Warner got intercepted during the game.

Super Bowl XLIII: The Game-Winner

Despite Pittsburgh cruising with a 20-7 lead, the Arizona Cardinals stormed back. A touchdown, safety, and another touchdown got them on a 16-point run, leaving them with a 23-20 lead at the 2:37 mark. A perpetually down franchise appeared minutes away from their first Super Bowl title.

Ben Roethlisberger led the Steelers back down the field on an eight-play drive. Their two-minute offense got the ball to the Arizona 6, at which point Roethlisberger tossed a 6-yard touchdown strike to Santonio Holmes, a toe-tapper catch to the back corner of the end zone. Just 35 seconds remained on the clock, and a bitter moment for Arizona became one of great triumph for the Keystone State.

Super Bowl XLIII: Starting A New Hand

Pittsburgh already had rings for each one of their fingers on one hand. This happened to be their sixth Super Bowl championship. It made the Steelers the first (and still only) team ever to win it that many times. The Cowboys and 49ers are right behind at five, and one of those two might catch up to Pittsburgh this season. Hell, Pittsburgh could make it seven.

Super Bowl XLIII: Highlights

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