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Grayson Allen: Tripping Out Again

[lead align=”default”]It’s not every night in college basketball where a player’s reputation changes. In the case of Duke’s Grayson Allen, it may have, and for the worse.[/lead]

The star for the Blue Devils, a key component of one of the nation’s best teams, made a whopper of a mistake on Wednesday night. If you have yet to see it, here you go:

The (2016-17) Grayson Allen Trip

In a 32-24 game against Elon with 4:15 to go in the first half, Allen was defending against Steven Santa Ana of the Phoenix. A foul was called while Santa Ana drove, and after the whistle blew, Grayson Allen swept the leg and tripped Santa Ana. This drew a technical foul, and Mike Krzyzewski sat him out for the remainder of the half.

Allen later flipped out on the bench after getting T’ed up, which appears to be the least of his issues. By the way, his team won, 72-61.

Grayson Allen: Now What?

Was this the most egregiously dirty college basketball play ever? Of course not. Was it on some level dirty, as well as incredibly stupid and childish? Sure, because it’s not the first time. Nevertheless, because Allen can’t help himself, the media has made up its mind:

ACC Needs To Step In And Suspend Duke’s Grayson Allen (USA Today)
Duke’s Grayson Allen Just Can’t Stop His Serial Tripping (New York Post)
Allen Tripped (Or Kicked?) An Opposing Player. Again. (Yahoo!)
ESPN Broadcasters Call For Suspension (Duke Chronicle)
Apologies Alone Won’t Be Enough To Repair Allen’s Reputation (Yahoo!)
Grayson Allen Needs To Be Suspended For His Own Good (The Big Lead)
Allen Should Be Suspended Five Games For Latest Tech (Fox Sports)

Grayson Allen did this twice last season. This isn’t baseball, but this third strike is likely to get him out, at least for a while. An “aw shucks, I’m sorry” attitude won’t do much when this is now the third time this has happened.

Now, Duke is a very talented team and has plenty of good things to be said about it. Allen’s behavior is not one of them. Whether or not one thinks he should be suspended (he should), he will be. The only question for now is how many games, and the question for later is if he can rehabilitate his image.

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