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51 for LI: Super Bowl XLVII, The Harbaugh-Blackout Bowl

[lead align=”default”]As of today, there are 47 days to go until Super Bowl LI in Houston. ‘Member Super Bowl XLVII, when the Harbaughs dueled and the lights went out? Ooh, I ‘member.[/lead]

This game on February 3, 2013 had it all. It included the intrigue of a sibling rivalry, the rise of a one great franchise, a close finish, and a power outage. One couldn’t ask for more.

Super Bowl XLVII: How They Got There

The Baltimore Ravens took flight in the postseason, but as they got there, they learned that one of their key cogs was on his way out. LB Ray Lewis announced his impending retirement after the end of the 2012 season for Baltimore. He was one of the most notable players on a very good Ravens defense that season.

This team was (and still is) coached by John Harbaugh. His brother, Jim Harbaugh, coached the San Francisco 49ers back then. A year after falling to the Giants in the NFC Championship, this time, the Niners weren’t denied. San Francisco beat Atlanta for a trip to the Super Bowl.

All throughout the playoffs, the possibility grew that the two brothers would meet in Super Bowl XLVII. Thanks to some wild wins by both, it happened.

Super Bowl XLVII: The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia Nawlins

While the Ravens ran away with the game early in the second half, the lights went out. Literally, the lights went out at the Superdome during the Super Bowl. The game was delayed for 34 minutes in what must have been a serious embarrassment to the NFL.

Super Bowl XLVII: Highlights

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