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51 for LI: Remembering Forgettable Super Bowl XLVIII

[lead align=”default”]Super Bowl XLVIII happened in the New York City area, and that’s one of the few things people remember of this game.[/lead]

The Super Bowl LI countdown continues on with 48 days to go until the big game. Super Bowl XLVIII, three years ago, was memorably unmemorable, if that makes any sense (which it doesn’t, but it kind of does).

If you remember the hype for the game, and there’s always hype for a Super Bowl, there was first the complaining. Oh, it’s too cold to have a Super Bowl in New York, they said. The weather’s going to be a factor, they said. All of this neglects the fact that all other playoff games can be played in cold-weather and/or other adverse conditions. There’s no rule that says the Super Bowl has to be played in a warm climate.

And then there was the game itself.

Super Bowl XLVIII: The Awfulness

Depending on who you ask, and this assumes you’re not going to ask a Seattle fan, Super Bowl XLVIII was one of the worst NFL championships in modern times, maybe ever.

The Seahawks won their first title, and they did so by annihilating the Denver Broncos, 43-8. For several hours, talk of where the game was played diminished. Discussion of how bad the game itself actually was took over.

Seattle had a 22-0 lead at the half in a game in which Denver never truly contended. The Seattle lead, at its biggest, was 36-0 in the third quarter. I mean, we knew they had a good defense, but that was horrible. Don’t look at the box score that says Seattle and Denver finished with close to the same number of yards. The game was nowhere near that close, and was one of the most lopsided Super Bowls in history. For example, Denver was minus-4 in turnovers, but it felt like minus-14.

This is an oldie but goodie I posted on Twitter (pre-Bracket Yard days) on the night of the game, and it fits:

Super Bowl XLVIII: Highlights and/or Lowlights

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