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51 for LI Countdown: The Golden Game in the Golden State

[lead align=”default”]As we hit 50 days to go until Super Bowl LI, in the 51 for LI countdown, we look back on the golden anniversary of the contest earlier this year.[/lead]

Super Bowl 50 was a game hyped all year, much more than the typical hype surrounding a Super Bowl. It was hailed as the NFL’s anniversary; though the NFL existed before the Super Bowl and the merger wasn’t until later, it was in many ways the NFL’s jubilee celebration.

With 50 days to go, here are a few notable facts about Super Bowl 50.

51 for LI Countdown: Super Bowl 50

Fact #1: It wasn’t that good of a game. You had the 15-1 Carolina Panthers looking to polish off an incredible year, and they were favored over the 12-4 Denver Broncos. Those horses were led by Peyton Manning at quarterback in what would be his final game, but the defense won it for Denver.

There wasn’t a whole lot of offense, as you already knew. In fact, the game never felt in doubt in the second half with Denver completely clamping down. Von Miller won the MVP award on defense for the Broncos.

Fact #2: A 30-second ad spot cost five million bucks. CBS made some of that good cash during the Golden Super Bowl, that’s for sure. Wouldn’t your life be better if you earned money at that rate?

Fact #3: Peyton Manning became the oldest quarterback to win the Super Bowl. And you knew he was going out on top if he won.

51 for LI Countdown: Super Bowl 50 Highlights

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