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NFL Coaches Hot Seat: Coaches Roasting On An Open Fire

[lead align=”default”]This is a festive time of year for many people, but it’s not so joyous for coaches on the NFL coaches hot seat.[/lead]

The axe already swung on one long-time NFL coach, who is among the coaching ranks no more. The bell tolled for Jeff Fisher, fired after an unimpressive run with the erstwhile St. Louis and now Los Angeles Rams. He sure as hell won’t be the last.

Who appears to be in the biggest trouble in the closing weeks of the NFL season?

NFL Coaches Hot Seat: Radiation Hazard

Rex Ryan, Buffalo Bills. The rumors started swirling after the embarrassment against the Pittsburgh Steelers that Ryan is history. Part of the story, evidently, is that he hasn’t even gotten the dreaded vote of confidence. He’s gotten nothing, in fact.

Ryan has only been the coach in Buffalo for two years, but this franchise is hurting for a playoff berth. They won’t get it this season, most likely, and he has clearly blown through all of his goodwill.

Gus Bradley, Jacksonville Jaguars. It seems nearly impossible to imagine Bradley will be in Jacksonville in 2017. Four years, no improvement, and in fact they seemed to get worse. Of all the NFL coaches out there, he may be the most likely to go next.

NFL Coaches Hot Seat: Uncomfortably Warm

Todd Bowles, New York Jets. It doesn’t appear at this point in time that Bowles is in huge trouble, but the sports media in New York City is already turning on him. After a good first year in which they barely missed the playoffs, the Jets went in the tank in 2016. That might put him in a similar situation to Ryan, so it’s not a complete impossibility he gets fired.

Mike McCoy, San Diego Chargers. McCoy avoided the mid-season canning, but he might not avoid Black Monday and its doom. The Chargers stink again this year, and with a possible move up I-5 coming, they might look for a fresh start.

Chip Kelly, San Francisco 49ers. There has to be some big-name college program looking for a coach. That’s probably where Kelly should be, because his tenure as an NFL coach hasn’t been notable. The thing is, are the Niners going to whack another coach? Jim Tomsula was a one-year wonder in 2015, and tossing Kelly would give the 49ers their third coach in three years.

Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals. Okay, they won a couple games. The Bengals have next to no chance of making the playoffs and it’s their own fault. Has Lewis’s time finally run out in Cincy? It’s not like he had a bad run overall, but check this out: seven playoff appearances, seven first-round exits. This year, they won’t even get that. It’s unclear if the Bengals will do it, but they can, and it wouldn’t be wrong.

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