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2016 Major Bowls Analysis: It’s A Fiesta

[lead align=”default”]The 2016 major bowls actually extend into 2017, but to won’t see us get tangled in such minutia here.[/lead]

There are a handful of games that make up this segment of bowl season. Typically, these are supposed to be the best games out of the lot. In a lot of cases this season, is hard to find a bad game amongst them. Perhaps a few are shall we say slanted, but I’m not here to bag on Washington when they’re the number four team in the nation.

Take a look at some of the best of what this season has to offer. You know, aside from Christmas presents, friends and family, etc.

2016 Major Bowls Analysis: Best Matchups

Fiesta Bowl: Ohio State vs. Clemson. This one kind of goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway. Of the two semifinal games forthcoming, this is without question the best one. It’s a great matchup on a high stage. Both these teams have top coaches and play with a level of electricity. Some of the nation’s best players will be on display on this one. Not to mention, one could win the Heisman.

Rose Bowl: USC vs. Penn State. So the point spread is actually kind of big at a touchdown. You still have here a game in which two top ten face off in the granddaddy of them all. USC was about as hot as anyone to close the season. Meanwhile, Penn State was arguably hotter than that. If this isn’t an entertaining game, it would be a shock.

2016 Major Bowls Analysis: Likely Mismatches

Cotton Bowl: Western Michigan vs. Wisconsin. I love this Broncos team. I had them in the top ten when the CFP committee barely wanted to give them 20th. Thing is, Wisconsin is really good, and Western Michigan hasn’t faced a team this good. I know, most were saying this before the 2007 Fiesta Bowl also. If we’re lucky, this will turn out like that.

2016 Major Bowls Analysis: Okay to Skip

None. These are big-time bowl games. They are there to be watched.

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