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Week 13 NFL Playoff Calculator

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[lead align=”default”]We fire up the Week 13 NFL playoff calculator to see what will happen in these final five weeks in three different scenarios.[/lead]

With the victory of the Dallas Cowboys last night over the Minnesota Vikings, the math shifted for both Minnesota and Dallas as they try to win their divisions. The path, obviously, is very favorable for the Cowboys and becoming less so for Minnesota, who lost the tiebreaker to the team in front of them.

Over the remaining five weeks of the season, including this one, there are 78 games to come. There are countless different scenarios that can be generated when there are three potential outcomes for each contest. Here, we take a look at three of these possible scenarios.

Week 13 NFL Playoff Calculator Scenario #1: Games

week 13 nfl playoff calculator scenario-1

This is what we might consider the “low-upset” scenario, since this assumes that all the favorites or likely favorites will win. This has Dallas coming through as the best team in the NFL and the NFC’s one seed. Seattle gets the two seed, and yes, the Minnesota Vikings recover to grab the NFC North. Atlanta finishes 10-6 and takes the NFC South.

As for the NFC wild cards, the New York Giants and Washington Redskins retain their current spots and qualify.

In the AFC, New England is the top team going 12-4 overall, losing just twice more between now and the end of the regular season. This is not influenced that much by the loss of Rob Gronkowski, as the Pats are pretty good at the “next man up” thing (except when their third-string quarterback plays).

There is a logjam at the top of the AFC West as those teams beat each other up. Ultimately, Kansas City comes away with the division and second bye, while Oakland and Denver snatch wild cards. Speaking of, Miami and Buffalo each take advantage of workable schedules to finish at 10-6, but Denver tiebreakers both of them to sneak into the field.

The AFC South is interesting in that it’ll be a fight to the finish for three teams. In this scenario, Tennessee comes up with the division title at 9-7. Houston and Indy at 8-8 each miss the playoffs.

Week 13 NFL Playoff Calculator Scenario #1: Final Standings

Week 13 NFL Playoff Calculator Standings Scenario 1

Week 13 NFL Playoff Calculator Scenario #1: Seeds

1. Dallas Cowboys (14-2, NFC East champion, bye)
2. Seattle Seahawks (11-4-1, NFC West champion, bye)
3. Atlanta Falcons (10-6, NFC South champion)
4. Detroit Lions (9-7, NFC North champion)
5. New York Giants (10-6, wild card)
6. Washington Redskins (9-6-1, wild card)

1. New England Patriots (12-4, AFC East champion, bye)
2. Kansas City Chiefs (11-5, AFC West champion, bye)
3. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6, AFC North champion)
4. Tennessee Titans (9-7, AFC South champion)
5. Oakland Raiders (11-5, wild card)
6. Denver Broncos (10-6, wild card)

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