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Week 12 NFL Sunday: Thanksgiving Hangover

[lead align=”default”]On this Week 12 NFL Sunday, you might be on your third or fourth round of turkey leftovers, but you can never get enough playoff chase football.[/lead]

Thanksgiving Thursday saw three key games alter the landscape for a handful of teams, and today will shift the picture further. A number of divisional and wild card races are competitive and ready for some big things to happen.

For example, the NFC East contest looks about over with Dallas being 10-1, but the Giants have a great chance at a win today to cement them as one of the NFC’s wild cards. The AFC North is still in serious limbo, the AFC South is far from decided, and the NFC South seems like it could get interesting. This is just a bit of what’s at stake in the last NFL Sunday before December.

Some of today’s big games include:

Week 12 NFL Sunday: Arizona at Atlanta

For Arizona, this is pretty much a do-or-die game. They sit at 4-5-1 and have all but fallen out of the NFC West race. If they want to have any shot at a wild card, they need their fifth win today. Losing in Atlanta would basically require them to have to run the table and hope Washington, Tampa Bay, and any other mediocre teams fall apart.

Oh yeah, and Atlanta is in first place. The Falcons have their own issues to work out en route to an NFC South title, such as winning more games. Arizona hasn’t beaten a team currently with a winning record, but hey, maybe they’ll win today.

Week 12 NFL Sunday: Seattle at Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay actually looks decent, but not great. Seattle looks great, and like a possible Super Bowl contender. The Seahawks are just 2-2-1 on the road this season and a different team on the road. Here’s the Bucs problem: they’re also a different team on the road. They’re a much better one, in fact. Tampa Bay is a terrible 1-4 at home.

Seattle is not quite yet on cruise control in their division, though the other contenders are far from impressive. 5-5 Tampa Bay needs to start piling up wins to try to win their division or swipe a wild card.

Week 12 NFL Sunday: Kansas City at Denver

Clearly, the best game of the day is in Denver. The AFC West has three excellent teams, all of which might make the playoffs. Assuming that remains the case, they play for seeding in this game.

It’s not certain that the Raiders, Chiefs, and Broncos will all get in, however. For example, the Miami Dolphins are 6-4 with an easy schedule. If one of these team slips, they might get smacked by the Fins. In the event that they do, one likely gets a first-round bye and the other two go on a road trip. This game has far-reaching implications.

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