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Curse Broken: Chicago Cubs Win 2016 World Series

[lead align=”default”]We get to write the words you never thought you’d see: the Chicago Cubs are world champions.[/lead]

I repeat, the Chicago Cubs are 2016 World Series champions.

This is not a drill, but please, come out of your fallout shelters. It’s okay, and if you see the Four Horsemen, try not to notice.

It took seven games, a great regular season, and 108 years of agony for the Cubbies to win the whole thing. Down 3-1 entering Game 5 at Wrigley, all the Indians needed was one more victory to seal a championship. They let the Cubs hang around and win Game 5. Chicago obliterated the Tribe in Game 6. They scored immediately in Game 7, and it got rocky. Very rocky, in fact, such that the Indians tied the game in the bottom of the eighth.

Dexter Fowler led off Game 7 with a homer, and though the Indians tied it in the bottom of the third, Chicago plated two in the fourth and fifth each. Once they had that 5-1 lead, they had the Tribe by the short and curlies. Kyle Hendricks pitched tremendously outside of one inning, and Joe Maddon made the right decision keeping him in for the fifth, though taking him out quickly was a risk. Maddon took his heat for bringing in Aroldis Chapman in the eighth, but Ben Zobrist bailed everybody out in the tenth.

Chicago Cubs: It’s Over

108 years of misery and woe now over. Congratulations to the entire Chicago Cubs organization and to their long-suffering fan base. Bill Murray being one of those fans, it’s easy to be happy for them.

As for the Cleveland Indians, their drought becomes 69 years next season. There is no shame in losing in the World Series to a team with a better record, but they wanted more and you have to respect that.

Party like it’s 1908 in Wrigleyville, just don’t trash the place. Harry Caray smiles on his Cubbies tonight.

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