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8 Team College Football Playoff: Week 10

[lead align=”default”]The way things are in college football are okay now, I guess, but what if it was an 8 team college football playoff?[/lead]

The playoff may eventually go in this direction, and who doesn’t want to watch more college football? Sure, the more playoff games there are, the more it dilutes the regular season, but in FBS, there are almost 130 teams. Picking from four right now against picking from eight isn’t that big of a difference. It will happen as soon as the NCAA figures out how to milk adequate cash flow from it.

How would the field of eight look if we applied this week’s CFP rankings?

The Hypothetical 8 Team College Football Playoff

8 team college football playoff 11-2-16

The first game is pretty good between Alabama and Wisconsin. Even at two losses, the Badgers beat three top ten teams (at the time) and lost close to the other two they faced. The Crimson Tide beat the snot out of everyone, but Bucky could make it uncomfortably close.

Check out that 2-7 game: Clemson and Louisville. The first meeting between the two was thrilling, and no reason to think a playoff game wouldn’t be. I’d sign up for the eight team playoff just to see that.

Oh, but look at the 3-6 game: you have Michigan and Ohio State. That would be unbelievable, assuming both teams live up to the billing. Imagine the possibilities with that one.

Finally, in the 4-5 contest, Texas A&M and Washington meet to decide which one of them really should have been fourth. It’s not as interesting as a few of the other games, but two great teams facing off with a semifinal spot on the line is always worth something.

In the semis, you could have Alabama and Washington meeting, while either combination of the other four teams looks appealing.

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