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Week 8 NFL Gameday: Browns Getting One They Can Handle?

[lead align=”default”]The Cleveland Cavaliers won a title, and the Cleveland Indians might in a few days. Can the Cleveland Browns celebrate with their first win on Week 8 NFL gameday?[/lead]

It must be difficult for the Browns, watching the other Cleveland teams win it all while they wallow in egregiousness. At 0-7, the Browns look terrible, and the only race they might win this season is the one to the number one pick. Still, 0-16 has only happened once, and chances are even this team gets a “W” on the board.

Is today the day for Cleveland? They take on the New York Jets, a 2-5 team that won last week yet looks terrible in general. Gang Green might be the worst team they’ve faced so far.

Other than this exciting contest in the NFL’s basement, some of the other big games today include:

Week 8 NFL Gameday: New England at Buffalo

This is a revenge game for the Pats, and this time, Tom Brady quarterbacks for New England. Rex Ryan doubtlessly swells with bluster as he relishes the chance to beat the Patriots again. However, let’s be clear: this is not the same team Buffalo beat. Brady’s presence alone makes this a completely different contest.

Week 8 NFL Gameday: Green Bay at Atlanta

Atlanta started sinking after they beat Denver, and they’re particularly reeling from their loss to San Diego last week. This is a huge game for the Falcons to get back on track, and just as big for the Packers to keep up in the NFC North.

The Falcons at least play in a terrible division, but it’s not a good look if they lose today.

Week 8 NFL Gameday: Philadelphia at Dallas

One of the few games between two good teams today, and this one takes place in the Big D (more like the Big A for Arlington). NFC East rivalry games tend to take on a character of displeasure with the opponent, and why should this game be any different?

We haven’t seen the Cowboys in several weeks, but the last time we did, they won their fifth game in a row. Philadelphia just handed the Vikings their first loss, yet no time for a letdown game here. Last week, the Eagles started a difficult stretch that takes them through six teams in a row that have a winning record as of today.

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