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Early Look at the 2017 NBA Playoffs

[lead align=”default”]It seems very far away, but after you survive a long winter, the 2017 NBA Playoffs will be here before you know it.[/lead]

Last season, the favorite didn’t win the whole thing. Yet, the year before that, the favorite won the whole thing. There’s no telling what will happen in the postseason, even one as long as that of the National Basketball Association. Eventually, however, the cream rises to the top.

Here’s our first look at the spring’s coming postseason and how we think this is going to shake out. At least, who we expect to be there and make the most noise.

2017 NBA Playoffs Early Look: Eastern Conference

1. Cleveland Cavaliers.

2. Toronto Raptors.

3. Atlanta Hawks.

4. Boston Celtics.

5. Indiana Pacers.

6. Washington Wizards.

7. Detroit Pistons.

8. New York Knicks.

2017 NBA Playoffs Early Look: Western Conference

1. Golden State Warriors.

2. San Antonio Spurs.

3. Portland Trail Blazers.

4. Oklahoma City Thunder.

5. Memphis Grizzlies.

6. Los Angeles Clippers.

7. Utah Jazz.

8. Minnesota Timberwolves.

2017 NBA Playoffs Early Look: Early Title Contenders

Golden State Warriors. Not exactly a huge surprise, and honestly, it would be a surprise if they’re not in the mix at the end. They might even be better than last season, assuming the superstars all mesh together.

Cleveland Cavaliers. The team that won the title last season and looks just as good this season is probably a contender. I mean, one would think.

Indiana Pacers. Paul George and company are good enough to help get this team a long way.

San Antonio Spurs. Tim Duncan or not, this team has to be included in a list such as this, and so they are. That’s what happens when you’re a consistent winner and are well-coached.

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