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College Football Playoff Resumes: Progress Report

[lead align=”default”]Seven teams are in prime position right now, and the differences among the College Football Playoff resumes are quite small.[/lead]

While we instinctively sense that Alabama is the best in the nation, three other teams qualify. As in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, distinguishing between the competitors is not easy. When it comes to College Football Playoff resumes, shorter seasons means less from which to draw.

Nevertheless, the Selection Committee makes the call with the information available. Today, we look at the seven most likely to contend as of now and rate their playoff resumes.

College Football Playoff Resumes: Alabama Crimson Tide

Record: 6-0 (3-0 SEC)

Wins in order of stature: Arkansas, Mississippi, USC, Kentucky, Western Kentucky, Kent State

Evaluation: The first three wins are quote-unquote good wins, and you know Alabama’s stacked schedule provides them more opportunities. Even if they lose to a ranked team, the AP voters might drop them to third or fourth. The Crimson Tide have a very high probability of making the playoff. Not to mention, if they beat the Aggies in a few weeks, they can end their chances.

College Football Playoff Resumes: Ohio State Buckeyes

Record: 5-0 (2-0 Big Ten)

Wins in order of stature: Oklahoma, Indiana, Tulsa, Rutgers, Bowling Green

Evaluation: Ohio State’s problem now is that their resume is kind of thin. Oklahoma is by far their best win, yet other chances are forthcoming. Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Michigan State all lie ahead, and four wins beef that resume up right away.

The thing is, what if Ohio State picks up a loss in one of those, or worse yet, in one of the lesser games? The Buckeyes’ resume is fine if they win out, but there is not much room for error. No wonder Ohio State runs up the score when they can.

College Football Playoff Resumes: Clemson Tigers

Record: 6-0 (3-0 ACC)

Wins in order of stature: Louisville, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Troy, Boston College, South Carolina State

Evaluation: Now, if you thought Ohio State was light on good wins to this point, Clemson is, too. In fact, there is only one ranked team remaining on their schedule: Florida State. If they win the ACC Atlantic, chances are they get another ranked opponent in the Coastal winner.

Realistically, unless the Tigers get serious help from other teams losing, they have to win out to make the playoff.

College Football Playoff Resumes: Michigan Wolverines

Record: 6-0 (3-0 Big Ten)

Wins in order of stature: Wisconsin, Colorado, Penn State, Central Florida, Hawaii, Rutgers

Evaluation: Michigan has a few better wins than Big Ten rival Ohio State, but there is only one ranked team left on their schedule. If they win the division, probably two. Neither the Buckeyes nor Wolverines have overwhelming meat on their schedules. Their “Game” on November 26 is likely a national quarterfinal game.

College Football Playoff Resumes: Washington Huskies

Record: 6-0 (3-0 Pac-12)

Wins in order of stature: Stanford, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, Rutgers, Portland State

Evaluation: After a while, you realize that outside of the SEC, nobody’s schedule blows you away. By that we mean that there is no overwhelming abundance of ranked teams. Alabama already beat three and has more to come, while Washington might not play three in the regular season. Oregon (and Stanford) being worse than expected really hurts Washington’s resume, and that might be why they’re outside the top 4.

College Football Playoff Resumes: Texas A&M Aggies

Record: 6-0 (4-0 SEC)

Wins in order of stature: Tennessee, Arkansas, UCLA, Auburn, South Carolina, Prairie View A&M

Evaluation: The Aggies’ resume, frankly, is great. Three wins over ranked teams already, and just imagine if they knock off ‘Bama. That game arguably makes them a Playoff team if they win, yet beating Alabama is easier said than done. This is a legitimate team and a serious contender.

College Football Playoff Resumes: Louisville Cardinals

Record: 4-1 (2-1 ACC)

Wins in order of stature: Florida State, Syracuse, Marshall, Charlotte

Loss: Clemson

Evaluation: Louisville’s coming problem is Houston not being the national power we expected by season’s end. The Cardinals needed a meatier win, if they get it, but aside from that game, Louisville has little left in terms of difficulty. Bluntly, the Clemson loss probably ended their playoff hopes, though it’s not quite over yet.

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