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NFL Gameday, Week 4: Rule Britannia

[lead align=”default”]The United States takes to Great Britain again on this NFL gameday for Week 4, and it’s going to be ugly.[/lead]

Surely, the fans in London deserve better than a couple crappy teams, but that’s what they’ve got. Meanwhile, stateside fans have their choice of better games.

NFL Gameday: Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville

Wake up with some (American) football in swinging London at the Colts take on the Jaguars. It’s not much of a surprise that NFL commissioner and supreme arbiter Roger Goodell wants an NFL franchise in London. The Jaguars’ owner, Shad Khan, is rumored to be open to the idea of it being his team.

Thing is, London gets a lousy franchise in that scenario, and today they get another chance at viewing it. The Colts are not bathing in greatness, either, and have the only win between the both of them. Nevertheless, cheers to the United Kingdom.

NFL Gameday: Buffalo at New England

This is the Pats’ final game before the Tom Brady Revenge Tour begins. As usual, Rex Ryan, evidently a deeply insecure man, ran his mouth before the game. Yet, his team are touchdown underdogs in Foxboro.

Who knows what New England will look like today given their quarterback issues, but this is the last game for them (as far as we know).

NFL Gameday: Carolina at Atlanta

This is an important game for the 2-1 Falcons at home, but even more important for the 1-2 Panthers. This isn’t going well for Carolina so far, and a loss today knocks them on their duffs at 1-3. However, they are a three-point favorite on the road.

Matt Ryan is off to a good start for Atlanta and he could be key to the Falcons’ chances today.

NFL Gameday: Los Angeles at Arizona

We’ll learn a little something about both of the above teams today. The Rams got to 2-1 while Arizona looks very shaky at 1-2. After getting your asses kicked by Buffalo, it’s time to question just about everything regarding your franchise. Needless to say, the doubts are creeping in for Cardinals fans.

Are the Rams really a threat, and are the Cardinals as bad as they looked last week? The answers to those things come today.

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