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NFL Gameday Morning, Week 3: Separation Anxiety

[lead align=”default”]After NFL gameday, Week 3, no .500 teams. For some, this is the start of a beautiful surge into the playoffs. For others, the slide to a better draft pick. [/lead]

Now, is Week 3 that drastic? No, but you’d rather be 2-1 than 1-2, and certainly 3-0 over 0-3. We already have one 3-0 team out front, and some are about to fall to 0-3 by the close of business today. The teams begin separating now.

Going 0-3 is basically a death sentence for teams intending to make the playoffs. Only three teams overcame that record to qualify, and none made the Super Bowl. Some have their backs against the wall and that makes for intense football.

Here are some your your NFL gameday contests of note:

NFL Gameday: Denver at Cincinnati

These were two of the best teams in the AFC last season, and both hope to be there again this year. Denver’s defense is a force, making them an attractive pick even on the road in Cincy. Meanwhile, the Bengals look to get the foul taste of last week against the Steelers out of their mouths.

NFL Gameday: Minnesota at Carolina

Another two playoff teams from last season meeting, this time in North Carolina. The Panthers looked good over the Niners in Week 2, but they step up in class against the Vikings. Minnesota looked like a throwback to the Purple People Eater days last week, sacking Aaron Rodgers five times and taking the ball away three times.

NFL Gameday: Washington at New York Giants

The Redskins do not look like a good team this season to date, but this is still a tough game for the G-men. First, Big Blue never does anything easily, so 3-0 is not in the bag just yet. Further, Washington must win today in order to salvage their season, even in a crappy NFC East.

NFL Gameday: Pittsburgh at Philadelphia

Two Pennsylvania rivals meet, with one of them moving to 3-0. The Steelers are arguably the best team in the league right now, planting the Redskins and Bengals on their duffs. Philly is a surprising 2-0 team that’s getting a contribution from Carson Wentz.

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