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SEC Football Divisional Races: Alabama vs. The East

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[lead align=”default”]The race to the SEC football championship, you already know Alabama is a contender.[/lead]

The Crimson Tide are a dynasty in every sense of the word, both nationally and in their own conference. Also the scariest team in the country any given week, you know Alabama is the team to beat.

Can anyone in the SEC West clip them en route to a title? As for the teams in the SEC East, who will emerge from the free-for-all to face the West winner?

SEC Football: West Race

The Frontrunner: Alabama. The Crimson Tide are not invincible, but they are pretty damn good. They can flip the switch at will and beat their opposition. Not every game on this schedule is easy, but just imagine if Alabama is not the division champion. Not easy to picture.

In the Running: LSU. It seems Les Miles is affixed to the hot seat no matter what happens. The only way to get through the SEC West is to beat Alabama, so that might be what he has to do. They can do it, but LSU is not making it look easy so far.

In the Running: Texas A&M. The Aggies, however, are making it look easy. If they beat Arkansas on Saturday, consider them the second banana behind ‘Bama. Circle October 22 on your calendars as the day the Aggies and Tide meet. First, however, they must get through the Hogs, Gamecocks, and Vols, and that ain’t easy.

In the Running: Arkansas. A lot depends on what the Razorbacks do this weekend against A&M. Win here, don’t mail it in against Alcorn State, and get ready for the Crimson Tide. Lose, and one assumes winning out is necessary to have a shot.

On the Fringe: Mississippi State. The Bulldogs are 1-1 in the conference, without playing Alabama yet. All they need to do now is win out to have a chance. It’s not promising, that’s for sure.

Just About Out: Auburn. Gus Malzahn’s seat is so hot, it’s going to start fusing hydrogen soon. The Tigers don’t look like they have it in them to contend this year, and likely won’t.

Just About Out: Mississippi. Ole Miss has two losses to ranked teams, both in games they led by three touchdowns. One of them was against Alabama, the team everyone is trying to knock off for the SEC West title. Therefore, the tiebreaker goes to the Tide. Additionally, they have three tough road games in conference play: Arkansas, LSU, and A&M. Ole Miss probably isn’t winning all of them, so forget it.

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