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MLB Tragic Numbers Doom Watch: Defending Champs In The Tank

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[lead align=”default”]September is a time when baseball fans speak of magic numbers. Yet, you don’t have magic numbers without tragic numbers.[/lead]

Also known as the “elimination number,” the tragic number is the combination of losses by you and wins by the opposition you must suffer for your season to become worthless. Several teams, like Minnesota and Atlanta, already touched the cold, stenched hand of doom over the summer.

One of the next “contending” teams to be eliminated from playoff contention are the Kansas City Royals. The defending World Series champs never got it together this year, and their fate is all but sealed.

How much longer must some other teams wait before the “E” appears in the standings?

Kansas City Royals: Tragic Numbers

AL Central: Eliminated
Wild Card: 6

Last year’s champions are almost out of the running. The AL Central is lost as of last night and the wild card is far away. There are four teams in front of them for the wild card, not even counting the two current placeholders.

By the end of this coming weekend, their status of toast likely becomes official.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Tragic Numbers

NL Central: Eliminated
Wild Card: 8

This is not the year the Buccos wanted; not at all. They linger around .500 in a year that saw just too many downs to overcome their ups. A four games out in the wild card, it’s not insurmountable, but Pittsburgh is all over the place this season. Not to mention, their schedule to close the year is very difficult. Their only hope is that the opposition clinches and subsequently mails in the games.

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