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NFL Picks, Week 3: Do or Die

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[lead align=”default”]Life looks better in The Bracket Yard NFL picks department, thanks to more cooperative teams.[/lead]

After a disastrous first week, we’ve got the teams figured out a little better. Week 2 meant a 9-7 record against the spread. Now we forge ahead in the final week before byes begin. There are eight 0-2 teams out there, and for some, their playoff hopes end with the final whistle this coming weekend. Who will do and who will die (figuratively?)

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NFL Picks: Houston Texans (-1) at New England Patriots

Thursday, 8:26pm ET (CBS)

It looks like Jacoby Brissett is the New England Patriots’ quarterback against the Texans this week. Who would have thought you’d hear that a year ago? Nevertheless, here we are. The only saving grace for the Pats is that Jimmy Garoppolo is not officially out yet.

Meanwhile, Houston looks good. Good enough to win in Foxboro, however? The Pats already won a game against a hot team when expected to lose. Don’t go against Belichick in his own crib.

[alert heading=”Pick” type=”alert-info” block=”false” close=”false”]New England +1[/alert]

NFL Picks: Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Bengals (-3)

Sunday, 1pm ET (CBS)

From the fire into the…fire for the Bengals, who played the Steelers next week and now face the Super Bowl champs. It is Cincinnati’s home opener, so there’s that.

The Bengals have something to prove, but that Denver defense, how can you go against it, even on the road?

[alert heading=”Pick” type=”alert-info” block=”false” close=”false”]Denver +3[/alert]

NFL Picks: Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans (-1.5)

Saturday, 1pm (CBS)

Not a great game to pick. Oakland feels like they should be 2-0, and Tennessee probably ought to be 0-2. The Raiders are probably the better team, so let’s go that way.

[alert heading=”Pick” type=”alert-info” block=”false” close=”false”]Oakland +1.5[/alert]

NFL Picks: Arizona Cardinals (-4.5) at Buffalo Bills

Sunday, 1pm ET (Fox)

About the only thing Buffalo have going for them is that they’re playing a southern quasi-indoor team. If only it were winter, that would matter. Buffalo’s defense is terrible.

[alert heading=”Pick” type=”alert-info” block=”false” close=”false”]Arizona -4.5[/alert]

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