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CFB Week 2: What We Learned

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[lead align=”default”]The conventional wisdom prior to CFB Week 2 was that it would not be an interesting week.[/lead]

Sure, there were no ranked teams playing one another, and a lot of them took on less-than-stellar opposition. That does not mean it wasn’t interesting.

One thing that was not counted on is that some of those teams playing in the soft and squishy part of their schedule lost. Others came close, including a few schools that did not expect it. Here is what we learned this week.

CFB Week 2: It Just Wasn’t Oklahoma State’s Day

[alert heading=”Central Michigan 30, Oklahoma State 27″ type=”alert-info” block=”false” close=”false”]Hail Mary Lateral stuns #22 Cowboys in final play[/alert]

The Oklahoma State Cowboys had a 4th & 13 on the plus-41 yard line with four seconds to play. Pokes quarterback Mason Rudolph was ruled to have grounded the football, resulting in a loss of down and a free play for the Chippewas offense.

And then, this happened:

CMU chucks up a Hail Mary, caught, then lateraled, then a touchdown. Ballgame, Chips.

As it turns out, the referees blew it in even allowing the final play to take place. A game cannot end on a defensive penalty, which we know, but this was a stranger situation. Oklahoma State was on offense and lost their down on the penalty, putting the Chippewas on the field.

[blockquote cite=”NCAA Football 2016 and 2017 Rules and Interpretations, Page FR-47; Extension of Periods” float=”left” align=”left”]”ARTICLE 3. a. A period shall be extended for an untimed down if one or more of the following occurs during a down in which time expires (A.R. 3-2-3-I-VIII):

1. A penalty is accepted for a live-ball foul(s) (Exception: Rule 10-2-5-a). The period is not extended if the foul is by the team in possession and the statement of the penalty includes loss of down (A.R. 3-2-3-VIII).” [/blockquote]

The Oklahoma State-Central Michigan intentional grounding should not have resulted in an untimed down since the Pokes were in possession and lost their down. There was a clear misinterpretation of the rules, but nothing will come of it. In the meantime, both the game and a top 25 ranking got away from Oklahoma State on Saturday. Therefore, not good for them.

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