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Week 1 NFL Picks: Let The Games Begin

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[lead align=”default”]If it’s the Week 1 NFL picks, then the season is starting. The day we have long awaited is upon us.[/lead]

This is not like college football where we see early games like SEC school vs. St. Mary’s School of the Blind and the 60-point spread that comes with it. Being a professional league, these are expected to be much more competitive games. It does not always work that way, but it’s theoretically true.

Back to football, as they say, and with that comes 16 picks for the new season.

Week 1 NFL Picks: Carolina Panthers (-3) at Denver Broncos

Thursday, 8:30pm ET (NBC)

Right off the bat, it’s a Super Bowl rematch between the Panthers and Broncos. The winning team in February had Peyton Manning under center and this iteration of the Broncos does not, but that defense? It’s still intact.

Rematch slash revenge games sometimes go the way of the team that was initially beaten. That is the slightly more likely scenario.

[alert heading=”PICK” type=”alert-info” block=”false” close=”false”]Carolina -3[/alert]

Week 1 NFL Picks: Green Bay Packers (-4.5) at Jacksonville Jaguars

Sunday, 1pm ET (Fox)

The Jaguars are one team that’s expecting to do better things this year. In the Packers’ world, however, every year is one where greatness is possible, especially with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback.

For Jacksonville, this is a chance for a statement win right out of the gate. It goes without saying that this would be a setback for the Packers, but with a long way to go.

[alert heading=”PICK” type=”alert-info” block=”false” close=”false”]Green Bay -4.5[/alert]

Week 1 NFL Picks: Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens (-3)

Sunday, 1pm ET (CBS)

One of the Rex Ryan Bowls we will see this year involves the Bills and its head coach against his former team. Joe Flacco is back-o for the Ravens, and not a moment too soon. Baltimore had a horrible 2015, capped by a Flacco injury, but are looking for recovery in 2016.

The Bills are an improved product under Rex, having gone 8-8 last year. No doubt they are also looking for more out of this team under the guidance of Tyrod Taylor. The hallmark of a Rex Ryan team is one that doesn’t cash the checks the coach writes with his mouth, but on Sunday, maybe.

[alert heading=”PICK” type=”alert-info” block=”false” close=”false”]Buffalo +3[/alert]

Week 1 NFL Picks: Chicago Bears at Houston Texans (-6)

Sunday, 1pm ET (Fox)

Houston intends to be a playoff team again in 2016. Hey, they got there last year without a steady quarterback, and they have one this year. Brock Osweiler proved capable in limited playing time in Denver last year, and might be what this offense needs.

There are also reasons to believe the Bears will improve this season. They will if Alshon Jeffery has a bigger season catching the ball, unlimited by injury. Chicago takes their first step forward in the NFC North by playing well in this inter-conference battle.

[alert heading=”PICK” type=”alert-info” block=”false” close=”false”]Chicago +6[/alert]

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