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4 Summer 2016 Sports Stories The Media Beat to Death

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Summer is always fun, even when it’s winter down in Rio. That reflected in many sports stories in print and online, showing the joy of victory and the agony of defeat, with personal triumph and team adversity. This is why we watch, participate, and experience.

Then there are the sports stories that the media as a whole cover until there is literally nothing important or interesting left, and in most cases, well beyond that point. For example, ESPN practically set up a satellite bureau on Brett Favre’s front lawn in the offseason as his retirement loomed.

What were the news items this summer that were over-covered to the point of your boredom and pain?

Sports Stories Overload: Deflategate (Still)

How are we still talking about this in September 2016? Why the hell is this a thing?

Some footballs had less air in them than they should have, and it may or may not have been intentional. Tom Brady and/or Bill Belichick may or may not have known about it.

Had we left it at that and moved on with our lives, this may have left the list. Instead, in part because of media zeal and also in part because of Roger Goodell’s smug self-importance, the story carries on to the present day.

A search of recent sports stories might reveal dozens of new articles on Deflategate, despite the fact that they (as a group) contained no new or interesting information long ago. Unfortunately, when Tom Brady returns from his suspension, the story still will not go away. For example, if the Patriots go far in the playoffs, the by-lines will include “Deflategate-suspended quarterback Tom Brady leads his team to the promised land.” If they do not have a good season, “Deflategate takes its toll on Tom Brady, Patriots.” It will almost certainly come up before his Hall of Fame induction speech.

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