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Hawaii vs California: Back to Football

The moment we have long awaited (since January) has arrived: tonight, it’s Hawaii vs California in the 2016 college football opener.

Of course, if you’re local to Berkeley and hoped to catch the game, you’re out of luck. The first college football game in America comes on September 1, while the lone game in August takes place in Sydney, New South Wales.

It is perhaps a missed opportunity for fans of the Golden Bears to see their team win. The Bears are 20-point favorites over the Rainbow Warriors, a squad that went 3-10 last season. (Notably, they opened that year with a win over a Pac-12 team, Colorado, awful though they may have been.

Hawaii’s problem is that Cal was not a bad team last year, and Cal’s problem is that Jared Goff now plays for the Los Angeles Rams. Both of those factored in, however, the Golden Bears are still the much better team.

The mere fact that we have college football about which to speak is a good thing, and the quality of the games will only improve. (And if it doesn’t, find a new hobby on Saturdays.)

Hawaii vs California: Bracket Implications?

Let’s cut to the chase: this game likely means nothing in respect to the coming College Football Playoff, and may have the sole effect of stuffing Cal’s win total as they try to get to a bowl.

Remember when Hawaii played in a BCS bowl? Seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it? As long as it seems to you, it must seem longer to their fans, who have endured a lot of losing since Colt Brennan skipped town, save for a few seasons.

Hawaii vs California: How to Watch

The game airs on ESPN at 10pm Eastern time, 7pm Pacific time, and in the unlikely event you are attending, 12 noon Sydney time.

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