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The Bracket Yard: where all your sports bracket dreams come true.

Alright, that might be selling ourselves a little better than what we can expect to deliver, but hey, you made it. Welcome to The Bracket Yard, a website that follows the main sports, assesses the ebbs and flows of the regular seasons, and analyzes the playoff pictures for each.

You may be asking, will there be brackets? You bet your pasty keister. Will there be sports picks? Maybe there will, kemosabe, maybe there will. (Update, mid-2017: Yes, there are picks. Please visit the menu bar, or, for example, hit the MLB picks.) Finally, will there be PG or mayhap even PG-13 content? I wouldn’t be doing my job if I said no.

As this website comes to life, we have caught North American sports in its down cycle. All we have now is Major League Baseball, though you can also expect to see some coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics. When the fall returns, however, we hit the rest of the big professional and college sports with the force of a thousand supernovae (or at least the force of a dozen golf carts hitting a fence).

There will be fun for the whole family, except your self-righteous cousin who takes every possible opportunity to remind you how uncivilized sports are and prefers programming on Bravo. Stick around, you might learn something.

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