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The Bracket Yard uses browsing cookies. User data/information may be collected by this and other means, for example, in order to display contextual advertisements.

Minors Under Age 13

This website is not directed towards, or in any way intended to solicit, minors under the age of 13. We make no effort to collect information which may serve to personally identify minors under the age of 13. If you believe we may have done so, please contact us immediately to take the appropriate action. In the event we find such information, it will be destroyed immediately.


At this time, this website is not transmitted under secure or encrypted channels. Please exercise caution.

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The Bracket Yard may link to other websites that are not owned by, operated by, or affiliated with the management of this website. Typically, these links are intended to provide additional sources and/or context for original Bracket Yard material. Please carefully review the Privacy Policies of any external websites. The Bracket Yard assumes no responsibility for the Privacy Policies, management, or conventions of those websites.

Privacy Policy Changes

This website’s Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice. We encourage you to frequently revisit this page for updates, and to remain familiar with The Bracket Yard’s updated policies.

Copyright Notice

All original material published to The Bracket Yard and all sub-pages therein is the property of The Bracket Yard.

If you are an outside writer, you may excerpt small portions of text from our articles, provided that the proper citation of The Bracket Yard (including link) is in place.

Use of Bracket Yard original graphics and images without attribution and a link is not permitted.

Team and League Logos

Please note that The Bracket Yard is not profiting from or advocating for the owners of these logos in any way, if they appear on this website, in whole or in part. We are not associated with these teams or sports leagues in any way. No endorsement is implied or intended.

All work on this website is intended to be nonfiction commentary.