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NFL Playoff Picture

The NFL playoff picture on The Bracket Yard.  Which teams get on the road to the Super Bowl?  Updated as frequently as possible.

NFL Playoff Picture

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Standings last updated September 12, 2017
No, we’re not inserting playoff seeds for a while.

NFL Playoff Picture: NFC East

1 2 3 4
PHI-Philadelphia Eagles DAL-Dallas Cowboys WSH-Washington Redskins NYG-New York Giants

NFL Playoff Picture: NFC North

1 2 3 4
DET-Detroit Lions MIN-Minnesota Vikings GB-Green Bay Packers CHI-Chicago Bears

NFL Playoff Picture: NFC South

1 2 3 4
CAR-Carolina Panthers ATL-Atlanta Falcons TB-Tampa Bay Buccaneers NO-New Orleans Saints

NFL Playoff Picture: NFC West

1 2 3 4
LAR-Los Angeles Rams ARI-Arizona Cardinals SEA-Seattle Seahawks SF-San Francisco 49ers

NFL Playoff Picture: NFC Analysis After Week 1

What analysis? We’re a week into the season, and admittedly, this is filler material. Wait a few games for the numbers to pile up, and then we’ll talk.

NFL Playoff Picture: AFC East

1 2 3 4
BUF-Buffalo Bills MIA-Miami Dolphins NE-New England Patriots NYJ-New York Jets

NFL Playoff Picture: AFC North

1 2 3 4
PIT-Pittsburgh Steelers BAL-Baltimore Ravens CLE-Cleveland Browns CIN-Cincinnati Bengals

NFL Playoff Picture: AFC South

1 2 3 4
JAX-Jacksonville Jaguars TEN-Tennessee Titans HOU-Houston Texans IND-Indianapolis Colts

NFL Playoff Picture: AFC West

1 2 3 4
DEN-Denver Broncos KC-Kansas City Chiefs OAK-Oakland Raiders LAC-Los Angeles Chargers

NFL Playoff Picture: AFC Analysis After Week 1

Like we said: we need more data. We know who looked good and who didn’t. And the Pats will be fine.