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MLB Playoff Picture

The MLB Playoff Picture, including the latest bracket if the season ended today and the league-wide standings (with playoff seeds). Updated throughout the 2018 Major League Baseball season.

MLB Playoff Picture

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MLB Playoff Picture Bracket: If The Season Ended Today

MLB Playoff Picture last updated July 21, 2018
Wild CardDivision SeriesChampionship SeriesWorld Series2018 Champion
SEA-Seattle Mariners
NYY-New York Yankees(WC)
BOS-Boston Red Sox(1/WC)
CLE-Cleveland Indians(2/3)
HOU-Houston Astros
LAD-Los Angeles Dodgers
PHI-Philadelphia Phillies(2/3)
CHC-Chicago Cubs(1/WC)
MIL-Milwaukee Brewers(WC)
ATL-Atlanta Braves

MLB Playoff Picture Bracket: American League Seed List

1 Boston Red Sox AL East leader
2 Houston Astros AL West leader
3 Cleveland Indians AL Central leader
WC1 New York Yankees AL East 2nd
WC2 Seattle Mariners AL West 2nd

MLB Playoff Picture Bracket: National League Seed List

1 Chicago Cubs NL Central leader
2 Philadelphia Phillies NL East leader
3 Los Angeles Dodgers NL West leader
WC1 Atlanta Braves NL East 2nd
WC2 Milwaukee Brewers NL Central 2nd

MLB Playoff Picture: The Lowdown, July 21

All the power in baseball seems to be in the American League this season. The best team in the National League, the Chicago Cubs, had a .589 win percentage on the morning of July 21. Four American League teams had a better one: the Red Sox, Astros, Yankees, and Mariners. At least you can give the NL this: their worst teams (the Mets and Padres) are MUCH better than the AL’s worst teams (the Royals and Orioles).

It could take 95 wins to get a Wild Card in the American League the way things are going. Either the Yankees or Red Sox will be 100+ win teams that may find themselves in a one-and-done game. One of those two teams will complain about it, that you can bet, especially if they lose the game.

Once the trade deadline comes and goes, then we’ll know who’s a real contender and who isn’t.

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