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Bowl Projections

Bowl Projections To Be Updated During the 2017 College Football Season — Please Return Fall 2017

College Football bowl projections

College Football Bowl Projections

We had a whole bunch of projections for various bowl games below, and now we don’t. The 2017 college football season isn’t that far away, and once we’re a few games in, the bowl projections return. Sure, we COULD give you bowl predictions while the season is yet to begin. Just more room for us to embarrass ourselves, I suppose.

As of now, there are expected to be 40 bowl games during the 2017-18 bowl season. Ole Miss and Coastal Carolina are ineligible for bowl games this year.

The playoff semifinal games for 2017-18 are the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl on January 1, 2018. As for the College Football Playoff National Championship, that occurs on January 8, 2018.