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College Football Playoff Picture

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College Football Playoff Picture Updated December 3, 2017

College Football Playoff Picture

College Football Playoff Picture

The CFP Playoff Picture returns in the Fall of 2017. Four teams make the two semifinal games.

This year, the CFP games are the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl, both of January 1, 2018. The CFP National Championship takes place on January 8, 2018.

Last year, the College Football Playoff teams were Clemson, Alabama, Washington, and Ohio State. Clemson are the defending national champions.

If you’d rather see our overall bowl projections, that’s quite doable.

College Football Playoff Picture: National Championship Bracket

2018 CFP National Championship Bracket

Georgia defeated Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl, 54-48 in double overtime. Alabama defeated Clemson in the Sugar Bowl, 24-6.

College Football Playoff Picture: Official 2017-18 Bracket

2017 College Football Playoff Bracket

Well now, the Committee did it: they put in Alabama over Ohio State despite the Buckeyes having won their conference. Ohio State is a two-loss conference champion. Alabama is a one-loss non-division winner.

Here’s what you can learn from this:

  • The CFP Committee does not want a two-loss team, if they can avoid it. Remember last week when we thought there could be MORE than one two-loss team in the playoff? Er, no. Auburn would have been the first two-loss team if they won, but if my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle.
  • Ohio State should not have gotten drilled by Iowa if they wanted to be a playoff team. That loss pushed them too far behind. Having a second loss being so terrible is a season-killer. Georgia clearly didn’t suffer for having a bad loss, since there was only one and it was to Auburn.
  • Kirby Hocutt of the Selection Committee said that he thought Auburn-Alabama was a competitive game. Was he referring to some other sport? Because in football, Auburn kicked their asses. Hey, Alabama didn’t pay for that one loss, either.
  • In other news, a Group of Five team will have virtually no chance at making the College Football Playoff in its current format. Such a thing would require (1) a strong non-conference schedule and (2) a strong season for the league overall. For example, UCF would have needed a win like Houston had over Oklahoma a few years ago. No softies on the schedule, either. Not only that, but USF and Memphis also being good wasn’t enough. I don’t like to say there is NO chance at all, but the odds are extremely remote.

And then there’s this:

You do you, Kirby Hocutt. After the Iowa loss, I was very much against Ohio State being a playoff contender, but they had a case. Compared to Alabama, it was a strong case. I get why Ohio State didn’t make it, but “unequivocally better” is a stretch, even for you.

Oh, and Clemson, Oklahoma, and Georgia all got in, too.

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