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Big Brother 19 State of Play and Commentary

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Big Brother 19 is underway, and 16 (or more) House Guests will narrow down to one over the course of a 92-day summer season.

Follow our live chart/bracket of the state of play in the BB19 house, with all of the snarky commentary you can handle. This article will be updated throughout the season, and the graph changes as players are evicted. Don’t worry, we’re prepared to change its appearance in the likely event of double evictions and/or buybacks.

Who outlasts the other contestants to win the half a million smackeroos? Most recent commentary on the course of the season is at the top. Be warned that if you only watch the broadcast edition, there will be spoilers. We do not tag spoilers here because we just don’t. This is an open book.

Big Brother 19: Important Links

To entertain yourselves when not watching the live feeds, check out the Bracket Yard’s own Big Brother USA Tournament of Winners. Who was the best winner over the show’s first 18 seasons? Now is your chance to see the true champion determined.

Of course, if you want to see the live feeds, visit and buy a subscription. Yes, we have one, and no, we’re not sharing. Go follow @hamsterwatch or something.

Finally, if you want to know more about the live feeds than I ever will, visit Reddit.

Big Brother 19: Current State of the House

Last updated on July 20, 2017 20:00 ET; image(s) will open new tab.

Big Brother 19 7-20-17

Big Brother 19: Dominique’s Eviction (Broadcast Night 11)

To nobody’s surprise, Dominique the Dominator (Dominatrix?) tallied a unanimous 10-0 vote to evict. In a bit of good foresight, Jessica also decided not to use her “Halting Hex” to scrub the eviction.

Dominique had a bad, bad week on that sound stage and she’s now in the Battle Back. (Did you see Cody’s eyes light up like melons when not-Jessica walked out on stage? Then Dom spilled all the tea to him and you can bet your sweet bippy she put some tire tracks on Paul’s faux fur.)

What we’re left with are more questions than answers. We know the Battle Back itself isn’t the curse unleashed on the house, but what is? A double eviction? More than one evictee returning? Are ANY evictees returning after the Battle Back? With the feeds off, how will we know?

And Paul figured out Jessica has the temptation, but that’s also because Jessica barely had a poker face.

Big Brother 19 Sarcastic, Judgmental Commentary Thru Broadcast Night 7

Everybody and their cousin knew Cody was getting evicted this week. That’s not even news. There’s a large part of me that hopes he wins the Battle Back to further irritate the hive mind in the house. Otherwise, he’ll go home to teaching his daughter how not to be a Beta.

Paul’s HOH featured him getting absolutely everything he wanted and with nobody questioning his authority or status. Like I said earlier, the time to challenge Paul is not when he’s HOH or immune. It still remains to be seen if ANYONE but Jessica wants him gone, or if they’ll let him steamroll them. So far, that would appear to be the preference of the majority. The vote to evict Cody was closer than otherwise expected, but he got his man.

Paul is a fan favorite, but if you didn’t think he was arrogant in BB18, you can’t possibly miss it in BB19. He tells everyone else what to do and how to do it, reminds us all how he made finale night last year, and seems to be quite impressed with how he’s doing so far. It may or may not be wearing on you, but the question is if it will wear on the house.

Of course, Paul could be playing too hard, too fast. It looked like Paulie was running the damn house the first several weeks last year. His implosion was supernovan and the vote to evict unanimous.

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