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Survivor David vs Goliath


Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers and Commentary

The 37th season of this unending reality franchise, Survivor David vs Goliath, sent 20 people to Fiji with a goal of one million dollars.

As one might imagine, the survivors are separated into two initial tribes: David and Goliath. Allegedly, the Davids are the underdogs and the Goliaths are the ones with some sort of prowess. As we have seen in past seasons, sometimes, people just get thrown into a tribe. We’ll see, won’t we?

Here is where you will find the Survivor spoilers and various hot takes throughout the course of the season. We don’t have a bracket for this, because Survivor does not eliminate in a bracket system, but we’re still following it. You can’t stop us.

Survivor David vs Goliath: The Cast

1 Alec Merlino 24 San Clemente, CA Bartender
2 Alison Raybould 28 Chapel Hill, NC Physician
3 Angelina Keeley 28 San Clemente, CA Financial Consultant
4 Bi Nguyen 28 Houston, TX MMA Fighter
5 Carl Boudreaux 41 Houston, TX Truck Driver
6 Christian Hubicki 32 Tallahassee, FL Robotics Scientist
7 Dan Rengering 27 Gainesville, FL SWAT Officer
8 Davie Rickenbacker 30 Atlanta, GA Social Media Manager
9 Elizabeth Olson 31 Longview, TX Kitchen Staffer
10 Gabby Pascuzzi 25 Denver, CO Technical Writer
11 Jeremy Crawford 40 New York, NY Attorney
12 Jessica Peet 19 Lakeland, FL Waitress
13 John Hennigan 38 Los Angeles, CA Pro Wrestler
14 Kara Kay 30 San Diego, CA Realtor
15 Lyrsa Torres 36 Boston, MA Airline Agent
16 Mike White 47 Los Angeles, CA Filmmaker
17 Natalia Azoqa 25 Irvine, CA Industrial Engineer
18 Natalie Cole 56 Los Angeles, CA Publishing CEO
19 Nick Wilson 27 Williamsburg, KY Public Defender
20 Pat Cusack 40 Watervliet, NY Maintenance Manager

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: Status of the Season

Updated following October 17, 2018 episode

Survivor David vs Goliath 15 remain

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: 4th and 5th Boots: Bi and Natalia

It was a two-fer!

The October 17 episode book-ended with departures from the island. First, Bi announced that her knee injury would cause her to leave the game. Jeff Probst, however, was not about to throw the episode away. Tribes switched early, the number went from two to three, Carl was exiled (and found an “idol nullifier”), and the new Vuku tribe (orange) lost the immunity challenge.

All three new tribes had a majority of former Goliaths; Christian accurately called it “gerrymandering.” (If you want to see some more gerrymandered districts, check out Electionarium’s coverage of the 2018 US House elections.) The only way a David would survive on any tribe would be through some combination of cunning, idol play, and/or wooing a Goliath.

Following the Vuku loss, the editors wanted to make sure we saw how unpopular Natalia was at camp. Acting cocky, talking down to people, and fometing discord and distrust. Davie and Elizabeth were outnumbered, Kara was going to go along with “the plan,” but Alec grew tired of Natalia and pondered making a big move. During tribal council, he started whispering in Elizabeth’s ear, and the big move was in motion. Natalia took it about as well as one would expect given what I just described.

Davie did not have to play his idol, Natalia and Kara split their votes, and the rest ejected Natalia. Carl joins the tribe as her replacement.

Someone has to make big moves, and Alec did it. On the other hand, Natalia would have made herself a bigger target down the road, so it may have been too early. Not to mention, he gave up the Goliaths’ majority on the tribe.

Quote of the episode: “Why are you smiling right now? Dont be sorry; shut up!” – Natalia to her ex-tribe after being voted out.

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: 3rd Boot: Jeremy

Jeremy tried being nice to Natalie, who isn’t apparently nice to anyone. What he ended up doing was making a powerful enemy, and the entire tribe dismissed him as Goliath finally lost.

Well, okay. Natalie is a formidable woman, but she wasn’t the one who got Jeremy off the island. Jeremy bombed at tribal, and Angelina helped push him over the cliff. Was it too early to make that move? Only time will tell. You can be free to feel Natalie is not going to win Survivor unless she pulls a Big Brother Dr. Will and evil-geniuses her way to the finale.

Now, let’s spill the real tea: they’re doing a tribe switch next week? With 17 people left? Speaking of things too early.

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: 2nd Boot: Jessica

When was the last time a 19-year old won Survivor? Oh, that’s right: never.

After an awful performance in the immunity challenge, the David tribe went to tribal council. This was their first of the season after Pat’s untimely departure cancelled a more ceremonious ejection. Nick was likely the person to get that boot, but now, he has survived twice. Jessica was the choice of the tribe by a 5-4 vote.

The initial plan amongst Davids was to vote out Lyrsa as a weak link, but Elizabeth and Lyrsa teamed up to flip the vote. Christian and Nick, the “Mason-Dixon Line” secret alliance, sided with Lyrsa and got Jessica off the island.

David might want to think long and hard about who they’re eliminating. They already lost Pat, who was nothing if not strong. Now, Jessica’s game you wouldn’t write home about, but Lyrsa and Gabby left much to be desired. Goliath has them outmanned both literally (numbers) and physically. When you think about a game like Big Brother, you want the strongest players out first, or those who appear the strongest and play the hardest. Survivor has different layers in that you play in a team (to start) and everyone on the losing tribe is a nominee. It’s an act of balancing what’s best for your tribe and what’s best for the longevity of your own game.

As presently constituted, David will continue to struggle in the physical aspect.

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: 1st Boot: Pat

How can you not feel bad about how Pat left Survivor? Sure, maybe he would have been voted out, but probably not (Nick). Instead, a rogue wave and a turbulent boat ride knocked him out, and his state was bad enough to result in a medical evacuation. Pat is a hard-working, blue-collar man who would have shown some grit if he stayed, but it’s not to be.

Too early in the season to get a read on anyone else, except I’m already sick of the budding Dan-Kara showmance.

Before Survivor David vs Goliath…

…was Survivor: Ghost Island, which we followed at that particular page. Wendell Holland was the winner.

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