Big Brother 20 Commentary and State of Play

Big Brother 20 is upon us. The 20th anniversary is typically China, but I wouldn’t trust a house full of randos with too many breakables.

Season number 20 of Big Brother could be the biggest one yet, and with any luck, they won’t ruin it by cramming Paul back into the house. 16 newcomers are about to enter the house, but they never announce returnees before the season starts. There has been some conflicting Hamsterwatch T on four veterans also joining the cast, bringing the BB20 total to … 20. Obviously not a coincidence, if it happens.

Big Brother 20: Before Anything Else…

We are running our Big Brother Tournament of Winners all summer. In this tournament, we rated and are voting on the best United States Big Brother champion of all-time. Go vote now if you haven’t already, and stay tuned for results.

If, for whatever reason, you want to revisit the Big Brother 19 coverage from 2017, do that here. Personally, outside of the rollercoaster finale, I prefer not to remember.

Big Brother 20: Meet The Houseguests

Revealed on June 18, 2018, and THANKFULLY there were no returnees.

1 Angela Rummans Playa Vista, CA 26 Fitness Model
2 Angie “Rockstar” Lantry Columbia, MD 34 Stay-at-home Mom
3 Bayleigh Dayton Atlanta, GA 25 Flight Attendant
4 Brett Robinson Boston, MA 25 Cybersecurity Engineer
5 Chris “Swaggy C” Williams Bridgeport, CT 23 Day Trader
6 Faysal Shafaat Orlando, FL 26 Substitute Teacher
7 Haleigh Broucher College Station, TX 21 College Student
8 JC Mounduix West Hollywood, CA 28 Professional Dancer
9 Kaitlyn Herman Encino, CA 24 Life Coach
10 Kaycee Clark Tempe, AZ 30 Football Player
11 Rachel Swindler Las Vegas, NV 29 Entertainer
12 Sam Bledsoe Stuarts Draft, VA 27 Welder
13 Scottie Salton Chicago, IL 26 Shipping Manager
14 Steve Arienta Wanaque, NJ 40 Former Undercover Cop
15 Tyler Crispen Hilton Head Island, SC 23 Lifeguard
16 Winston Hines Bowling Green, KY 28 Medical Sales Rep

Big Brother 20: State of the House

To be updated with each eviction. LAST UPDATE August 9, 2018.

Big Brother 20 bracket - 10 HG left

Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Day 51, Bayleigh Evicted

The reigning HOH went from handing off the house key last Thursday to talking with Julie this Thursday. Mighty was the fall of Bayleigh, who got backdoored by a very catty Angela during the latter’s HOH week. Despite coming in fifth in the veto competition, Angela still won the power. You have to say she had a successful run all things considered. The things to consider are Haleigh’s three (way too many) powers to change the game. She almost sabotaged Angela’s HOH, but in spite of all that, Angela still evicted her target.

Now, was it a great week for Angela’s game, time will tell, but it would appear the bigger target is now on Tyler’s back. People are finally getting wise to the fact that he’s the best player in the house. Haleigh, the new HOH, is going to flush out his power app that she doesn’t know he has.

Bayleigh’s last week in the Big Brother 20 house/set on a parking lot was wild, between her backdooring and the explosive house meeting. Haleigh freely admitted it backfired, but to have been watching the feeds that day. Hoo boy.

Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Day 44, Rachel Evicted

This. Season. Is. So. Good.

For the fourth time in five evictions, the same alliance got blindsided in a vote. It’s almost comical at this point how “The Hive,” formerly “FOUTTE” and the “Sacred Six,” think they have the votes every week and fail to hit their targets. Not only that, but they usually think the votes will be landslides. The house is split, and why they can’t see it is a mystery. Why they think they know what the other side is going to do is likewise a mystery. Their reads on the Big Brother game continue to be atrocious, but they have won a few comps, saving it from being a steamroll season.

Brett and Rachel, two on the other side of the house (Level 6), were up for eviction. Tyler did not use his veto so as not to piss off Bayleigh, the head of household. The Queen thought Brett was as good as gone, but like the rest of her alliance, she was blindsided by Rachel’s 5-4 eviction. PAWNS GO HOME, or haven’t any of you watched this show? Level 6 saw Rachel as a liability after going off during her nomination week and made the decision to cut her loose like they did Winston. In his eviction speech, Brett also got plenty of tire tracks on Rachel about secret alliances and power apps. The dude came to play, and now he’s guaranteed jury. (Notice how this season, they aren’t celebrating jury?)

Rachel then stormed out of the house in tears, and Julie Chen interviewed her like it was an emotional 60 Minutes tell-all. “Can you talk?” “What are their names?” “What did the bad people do to you in there?” (I made up the last one.) Then she saw the goodbye messages, including Angela, formerly wallpaper, shivving her, to which she almost blurted a profanity. Angela then goes from shanking her erstwhile ride-or-die to winning HOH. Expect Bayleigh’s power app to get flushed out soon and all hell to break loose…again. That’s how Big Brother 20 goes.

Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Day 37, Kaitlyn Evicted

It was quite a ride with our spiritual friend in the Big Brother House, but by a vote of 9-1, she was sent out. And by “out” we mean the BB App Store to compete in Sam’s Bonus Life battle back competition. She had to reassemble a six-piece, life-sized puzzle of herself in two and a half minutes.

The smart strategy: Move all the pieces into the dome, assemble it on the floor to get it right, and then assemble it standing up.

What Kaitlyn did: Throw the pieces around, try to build it flat and stand it up, moan and cry about the countdown clock, sit down and cry, try again, and then not put it together.

Her total lack of composure was truly something to behold. No way the producers thought this was going to happen; now we might be looking at two jury buybacks later in the season.

As for Kaitlyn, she was an emotional rollercoaster all by herself. I hope she stays away from the message boards and “The Twitter.”

Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Day 37, Pre-Eviction

It’s been a crazy week for a “dud” week, but #TeamGoodFeeds is taking one on the chin, at least as far as our Twitter readers have deemed.

Big Brother 20 Poll 1 7.26.18

Big Brother 20 Poll 2 7.26.18

Kaitlyn, as far as the feeds go, we can’t live with you, but we can’t live without you. Except for the 65 percent of people who want you to go home tonight.

Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Day 30, Winston Evicted

The Bromance is dead. Winston left the Big Brother 20 house by a 6-5 vote. Before going any further, let me point out that all three eviction votes so far have been close. Swaggy’s was an 8-4 that could have been a 7-5, but the others hinged on the final vote. This year is already so much better than the last one, it’s preposterous. Divided houses always make for the best seasons.

Brett and Winston, the bros themselves, went on the block after Scottie decided to go after the other side of the house. He got out one, though he preferred Brett. As for Brett, who gave an epic veto speech and stuck it to Kaitlyn, and who also dropped a bomb on Rockstar out of nowhere on the live show, Scottie was right. Brett is charismatic and entertaining. I did not think I was going to like him at all, but he’s such a pompous jackass that it’s actually amusing. Not only that, but he has a playful side about him.

His bro Winston did not. Winston went into those preseason interviews looking like a favorite. Calm, rational, but attractive and affable. As it turns out, he wasn’t most of those things. He was paranoid, reserved, and mostly showing poor game instinct. Winston, a pre-jury flop, will go down as a huge disappointment. Also, a sore loser, but you almost can’t blame the evictee in the moment. This is one good reason not to read too much into the preseason interviews. Once they get into the house, all bets are off.

Sam won the HOH thereafter, in a week in which her power is getting used. All this while Brett will be taking heavy fire from Kaitlyn and Angie/Rockstar.

Big Brother 20: Day 23, Swaggy C/Chris Evicted

Regardless of your view on the outcomes, both HOHs have been very successful so far. Tyler engineered a house flip after a tireless campaign for one last vote while holding his rogue bros in check. Now, Kaitlyn, Steve’s betrayer, backdoored the leader of her former alliance. She made a power move and it worked. Of course, it might have blown up her own game, but she still did it. The crying was a little much; Dan Gheesling wouldn’t have batted an eye. Just ask Shane.

Swaggy was a noticeable character in the house, as one who thought he was running it early. In reality, he never did, as he got blindsided both weeks. He never took his own preseason advice of playing close to the middle early. Once he got in there, he got into a showmance almost immediately and boasted about “cooking” the rest of the house in comps. It was a classic case of playing too hard, too fast, and there’s (at least) one every year. It is a shame that we won’t get to see him win an HOH, because you know that would have been an HOH-itis trainwreck.

With Scottie now in power — another person who betrayed Swaggy — it’s unclear which way he will go. He has no place with the Level 6 people and the smoldering crater left of his alliance, if he’s still with them, is in the minority. If he turns on Faysal’s crowd again, I’d start to worry about this being a steamroll season with three people on the other side of the house going in order. Keep in mind also that Sam and Tyler have powers for some further insulation.

Also remember that whatever alliances you see now will eventually dissolve and new lines will be drawn. This is one of those weeks, however, where it could set the course for the rest of the season.

Big Brother 20: Day 16, Steve Evicted

A lot has happened over the last two weeks. Tyler became the Head of Household, nominated the first two to drop in the pre-HOH comps, and presided over a lengthy period in the house. Before we go any further, he had a masterful week as the HOH. Yes, we said he had a “dim surfer bro” persona, but honestly, he’s not a dumb kid at all. How he finessed the blindside was a job well done; not only did he have to flip someone on the other side of the house, he had to keep his own bros in check after they waffled every hour.

There is so much to like about Big Brother 20 so far. To start, the first vote of the season was not a unanimous decision. None of this “I don’t want to blow up my game, let’s just all agree” bullshit. Cards were shown right from the start and the recriminations will be glorious. Second, the feeds have been much more entertaining this year. This is a messy group of people. Third, speaking of messy, Kaitlyn is the new HOH. She was the deciding vote that flipped the house, and her emotional outbursts will make this an unpredictable week.

As for Steve’s eviction, he was not in the FOUTTE/Sacred 6 alliance, nor was Sam in Level 6, but both had plenty of friends in each, respectively. Tyler engineered the first power play of the season to save Sam and take a number away from the other side. With Kaitlyn now in charge, does she go back making peace with her old alliance? Does she stick by Tyler, who put on a full-court press to get her vote, and his alliance? Good for Sam, also, finally getting a full week to play the game.

Finally, in case you didn’t think this was a blindside, submitted for your approval:


Big Brother 20: Through Day 2, Revised Houseguest Impressions

Angela: Not seeing playing the role of the “dumb girl;” I get a fierce competitor.

Angie: No change in impression; I would be surprised if she went far but she is flying under the radar to start.

Bayleigh: She’s going to be a source of drama, but we knew that.

Brett: I doubt I’m going to like him; frat bro who is very impressed with himself. We’ll see.

Chris: Swaggy C needs to stop referring to Swaggy C as Swaggy C. The third-person schtick isn’t working for me. Speaking of people impressed with themselves, Swaggy C. It’s getting old real quick, but I will grant him that he has a lot of fans on the interwebs. You’re either going to love him or hate him this year. My concern for him would be of someone playing too hard, too fast.

Faysal: He’s wallpaper; not noticeable yet.

Haleigh: Should I be paying attention to her?

JC: Annoying; we’ll see how long he lasts.

Kaitlyn: Already on my nerves. What color is the aura of someone who will be an early boot?

Kaycee: Fierce, but not really in the forefront.

Rachel: Just kind of blending in.

Sam: I feel so bad for her being a robot. She’s so damn nice.

Scottie: Yes, he’s definitely a dork, but dorks have actually won Big Brother. I’m not just saying that because I have him in my Big Brother 20 Knockout Pool.

Steve: He now looks to me like a cross between Jackie Gleason and Raul Julia. Also, he looks like a first boot.

Tyler: The dim surfer bro bit is going to wear on me.

Winston: I had high hopes for him, but he’s already bro’ing out with Brett. Urgh.

Big Brother 20: Preseason; Houseguest First Impressions

Angela thinks she has what it takes to win the game. One of a few people who is going to say they will lay low for the first couple weeks. She relates better to guys, and she might not be in a showmance, but being a flirt to get what she wants could throw off a few of the heterosexual males. Likable and intelligent and will play the role of the dumb pretty girl; it could work out for her. Answer to “the question:” Wasn’t asked, but would probably say win and be hated.

Angie WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ON YOUR FACE oh those are your glasses. Calls herself “Rockstar,” but we’ll table that for the time being. There’s a lot of personality there and the houseguests are either going to love her or hate her. She’s a no-middle-ground kind of person. Angie gets the social game aspect, I guess, but I can see her in the middle of a few blowups on Big Brother After Dark. Answer to “the question:” Win and be hated.

Bayleigh, not to be confused with Haleigh, comes into the house with lots of fire. You can tell she’s going to be a handful for any houseguests on her bad side. She seems to be concerned that she’ll be awkward around men, which could make things real interesting. Bayleigh doesn’t present as obnoxious, but if she doesn’t hold her tongue, she could piss people off early. Answer to “the question:” Wasn’t asked, but I think she’d say win and be hated.

Brett presents as one of the more devious hosueguests this season. Any insurance person knows what he means talking about “social engineering.” Brett’s got an obvious dominant personality, and I don’t know he’ll be able to tone it down for three months. There’s a whisper of arrogance there behind that smile. Answer to “the question:” Come in second and be invited back for BB21 (not an option, buster).

Chris is going by “Swaggy C.” He has an interesting personality, that’s for sure, and he’s very confident. I’m getting BB19 Josh from him, to be honest. He thinks it’s going to be “smooth sailing” after the double eviction. Yeah, piece of cake. Chris/Swaggy C could be very entertaining to watch on the feeds. Answer to “the question:” Lose and be loved, which is not what Josh said.

Faysal “believes” he’s going to win Big Brother 20. He will need to work on that confidence. Maybe Faysal was just nervous about being on television, but he was a little reserved and dare I say boring. He’s got a BB18 Corey personality, at least in the five minutes we saw him. Answer to “the question:” Win and be hated, but it was a tepid and prevaricated response.

Haleigh, Texas A&M Aggie, had to think about the fact that she was in the Diary Room. Erg. She name-checked Derrick right out of the gate and talked social game. Haleigh’s plan is to lay low early and let the big targets smash each other. Definite showmance candidate. If you want drama, you’ll like the fact that she tends not to think before she speaks. She seems pleasant enough. Answer to “the question:” Lose and be loved.

JC is a little man with a lot going on inside that frame. He’s a bit of a motormouth, but he is the sort of person who, if he sticks around long enough, could endear himself to the fans. He could get on people’s nerves inside the house, however. The girls will probably find him adorable right away (but no showmances, ladies, he doesn’t swing that way!) Answer to “the question:” Win and be loved (not an option).

Kaitlyn is a self-professed huge fan of the game, and my worry is that she’ll be too laid-back and harmonious. There ain’t no harmony in the Big Brother house. It will be interesting to see how she connects with her fellow houseguests, especially if the “life coach” thing kicks in (and annoys people). Answer to “the question:” Win and be hated.

Kaycee did not know she was in the Diary Room. Rough start, but she says she’s been watching since Day One. Kaycee is an athlete and that competitive fire is there, but she has a good head on her shoulders and she could play a thoughful game. My worry for her is that the competitiveness kicks in too early and she becomes a target in the initial phases. Ready to play and not be a sheep, hopefully. Answer to “the question:” Win and be hated.

Rachel instantly reminded me of BB19 Jessica and could follow the same trajectory. She dropped the “jury management” bomb right away and that’s great, though BB19 Mark said that too. Rachel dropped a hint that she might be a heated argument candidate in the right situation. She seems to think she can be in a showmance and not let it affect her. We’ll see, won’t we. Answer to “the question:” Lose and be loved.

Sam is sugary-sweet. She comes off as a very friendly, down-home type Southern girl. Sam is more a fan of historical Big Brother (as in, single-digit seasons) which gets her points. Her shoulder says “Ruthless,” but will she be? You might think “early out” with her because she presents as sweet and charming, but there’s another side to her that I hope we see in the game. Answer to “the question:” Dodged, but eventually said win and be hated.

Scottie, beam me up! Perhaps the quirkiest member of the cast, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if quirky becomes annoying — and it might — the jury might not be in his future. Hopefully he holds on longer than BB19 Cameron. Gotta give Scottie props for staying in his lane and owning his personality every damn day. He’ll be feeds gold as long as he’s around. Answer to “the question:” Win and be hated.

Steve seems like a normal guy. When you hear he’s an “undercover cop,” you think Derrick, and he’s not Derrick, though he does plan to somewhat mimic his game. Steve seems very thoughtful and he appears to have more than a rudimentary understanding of the game. First impression is of a likable Average Joe. Answer to “the question:” Win and be hated.

Tyler…duuuuude, bro. Dude. Snatched him straight out of Ron Jon, it seems. I want to say early flop but I’m not going to say that. He seems to me like a BB18 Corey, someone who could be the first one out or somehow smile, nod, and “bro” his way into the top four because nobody sees him as a threat. Answer to “the question:” Win and be hated.

Winston is very charming, and he understands the mechanics of Big Brother. He’s confident but I think he does it in a way that doesn’t come across as cocky. The single ladies in the house are going to collapse towards him like he’s a black hole, even though he’s strategically opposed to showmances. It’s gonna happen, buddy. He actually seems a little shy and reserved, but I’d be surprised if he doesn’t make a few friends in there. Answer to “the question:” Win and be hated.

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