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2017 MLB Playoffs


2017 MLB Playoff Bracket: From Wild Card to World Series

Charting a path to the 2017 World Series.

The regular season is over, and we have the 2017 MLB Playoff Bracket. Of course a website called “The Bracket Yard” would have it.

Ten teams remain in the fight for the 2017 World Series championship. One of them is the team that recently ended its streak of enormous futility. Another is the one with its own enormous futility that just lost last year to the team ending theirs.

Every team has a story. Two of those tales will end almost immediately, and just one ends in a trophy and/or ticker tape parade. Soon, we tell you which team we think that will be. For now, we look at the bracket and its teams.

For a look at how the whole league fell, the MLB Playoff Picture was the place to be during the regular season.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket: Final, November 2, 2017

Click to enlarge the bracket.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket Final

An entertaining World Series is over, and your Houston Astros are the champions of baseball for the first time. Everybody’s nervous their first time, but then it starts to feel good. The afterglow will hang around Harris County, Texas for a long time.

We knew entering the 2017 season that Houston would be a solid team. This website also saw them as a division champion and one of the best teams in the American League. They exceeded our expectations and won the whole damn thing. It’s not hard to see why: their lineup is sensational and their starting pitching is about as scary as any team in baseball. Houston went the distance in two of their three series, but impressively found a way to win two Game 7s. That’s earning it.

For the Dodgers, this is going to be more bitter than a lemon and dill smoothie. Will they be back to the playoffs with this core, most likely, but could not get the job done when they had a prime chance. This can go one of two ways. Either the Dodgers will be motivated like the 2015 Royals and do it next year, or flame out like the post-1993 Phillies and go in the tank. Los Angeles seems too good for the latter, however.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket: As of October 25, 2017

Click to enlarge the bracket.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket 10-25-17

The Astros went back home and the Yankees went back out of the 2017 ALCS. Though a better-than-expected season for the Yankees, Houston had the expectations of a World Series. They got there, and face the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Clayton Kershaw spun a masterpiece in Game 1 under the extreme heat, with Game 2 looming in Chavez Ravine. Even if the Astros were to lose, the series is not over yet. Houston is a very good home team, and their playoff momentum at Minute Maid Park is undeniable. As of the start of Game 2, the Astros still have not won a World Series game.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket: As of October 21, 2017

Click to enlarge the bracket.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket 10-21-17

It’s good to be the home team in the 2017 American League Championship Series. The team batting second is 6-for-6 in the ALCS, including Houston’s Game 6 victory. Should the pattern hold, Houston is off to the World Series, but anything can happen in Game 7. Some of the most epic, thrilling games ever have been winner-take-all playoff contests.

Once the Astros scored a run in Game 6, it sure felt like it was over. Justin Verlander was in complete control, but the only problem is he can’t pitch today.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket: As of October 20, 2017

Click to enlarge the bracket.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket 10-20-17

We have our first team in the Fall Classic. The Los Angeles Dodgers are off to the 2017 World Series, having beaten the snot out of the Chicago Cubs in Game 5. There will be no repeat for last year’s captivating Cubbies.

NLCS Game 5 was all but over in the first inning, with the Dodgers getting a run and Clayton Kershaw looking unhittable. It turned out to be an 11-1 win for Los Angeles, who will host World Series Game 1 at Chavez Ravine on Tuesday night.

Tonight, we find out if the New York Yankees will join them or if the Houston Astros have one last push at home to make.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket: As of October 19, 2017

Click to enlarge the bracket.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket 10-19-17

The Yankees are improbably one win away from the World Series. Meanwhile, the Chicago Cubs are not done yet in the NLCS, though mostly done at a 3-1 deficit.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket: As of October 18, 2017

Click to enlarge the bracket.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket 10-18-17

One of the League Championship Series is basically over, while one hangs in the balance. The Los Angeles Dodgers are one win away from their first World Series since the Ronald Reagan presidency. This is coming at the expense of the Chicago Cubs, who, like the Arizona Diamondbacks, cannot stop the Dodgers from winning. As of the morning of October 18, Los Angeles is 6-0 in the postseason. This was a team that had a legitimate letdown concern entering the playoffs, given their late-season play. If anyone there is disappointed today, they’re probably just miserable in general. The Dodgers are doing everything asked of them and more. You know, unless they pull a 2004 Yankees.

Meanwhile, those same Yankees are about as fun to watch as any team from the Bronx in a long time. Their epic Game 4 comeback over the Houston Astros tied the series. Games 1 and 2 could have gone either way, while Game 3 was a blowout. Houston was denied the opportunity to take a commanding lead. The series will swing on tonight’s Game 5.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket: As of October 12, 2017

Click to enlarge the bracket.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket 10-12-17a

Three out of the four LCS teams are known. One more came tonight, manifesting as the New York Yankees. Coming back from an 0-2 deficit to win the series is as sweet as it sounds for the Bombers. Many, including us, left the Yanks for dead after the Game 2 disaster. Give them a ton of credit for coming back and shutting the Indians down in Games 3, 4, and 5. Cleveland never led in any of those three contests.

This goes to a deeper problem with the Indians’ habit of choking. Cleveland is 4-18 in their last 22 games in which they could clinch a playoff series. It includes losing their last six clincher games in a row. That’s the last three games of the 2016 World Series and the last three games this week. The Indians entered this ALDS as the presumptive World Series favorite. Cleveland won 22 games in a row, and not that long ago. Now, they’re going to be lining up their approach shots with their six-irons. Baseball is a fickle and cruel mistress. Also, there’s a reason why the Indians are almost 70 years removed from their last championship. You saw a little bit of it in this ALDS.

While giving the Yankees credit, this is an inexplicable and inexcusable collapse by the Indians. Terry Francona and others did a great job with the regular season, but they will have hard questions to answer this offseason. Some will look to Corey Kluber, the likely AL Cy Young winner who didn’t pitch well in either of his games. Others will point to their offensive outages in the latter three games of the series. Some of the latter, however, has to do with the Yankees’ bullpen.

The Yankees are officially way ahead of schedule as a team, and only four wins from a World Series. Cleveland is in for a bitter, unpleasant winter knowing that they had playoff success by the short and curlies only to blow it again. At least they have LeBron.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket: As of October 10, 2017

Click to enlarge the bracket.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket 10-10-17

At least most of our predictions were right so far. The Yankees and Diamondbacks triumphed in the Wild Card round, and Houston took down Boston in four games. Our big error was putting more faith in Arizona than they deserved. Los Angeles dispensed of them in an NLDS sweep.

Houston looked very good in their ALDS win over the Red Sox. The Yankees are showing a lot of fight in going toe-to-toe with Cleveland, and no doubt Indians fans worry about another playoff choke. Losing the World Series last year was a bitter disappointment, but not even reaching the ALCS would really be a mess. They are the favorites over the Yankees, but anything can happen in a one-game series.

Speaking of teams that can’t get over the hump, Washington faces elimination in Game 4 at Wrigley Field. Dusty Baker starts Tanner Roark in that game, saving Stephen Strasburg for a Game 5 that may never happen. He’ll either be heralded as a genius or run out of town within the next few days.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket: Start of the Postseason

Click to enlarge the bracket.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket: The American League Contenders

Cleveland Indians, AL Central Champions. Defending American League champions making their 13th playoff appearance. Cleveland set an AL record this season with a 22-game win streak, and the Indians are 54-19 in the second half.

Houston Astros, AL West Champions. 11th postseason appearance for the Astros, who last got there in 2015. Their most recent victory in a playoff series was in 2005 when they represented the National League in the World Series. Houston is in the midst of their first 100-win season since 1998, and only their second ever.

Boston Red Sox, AL East Champions. 23rd playoff appearance, with consecutive division titles for the first time in the modern era. Boston has not won a playoff game since the closing game of the 2013 World Series.

New York Yankees, first Wild Card. 53rd all-time playoff appearance, and first since 2015. This was the Yankees’ first 90+ win season since 2012. That was also the year when they last won a playoff series. The Yankees played in the AL Wild Card Game in 2015, losing to the Houston Astros.

Minnesota Twins, second Wild Card. One of the biggest turnarounds in baseball, improving 25 games over their finish in 2016. Minnesota is making its 14th playoff appearance, and first since 2010. The Twins have not won a playoff series since 2002.

2017 MLB Playoff Bracket: The National League Contenders

Los Angeles Dodgers, NL West Champions. The team with the best record in baseball, making their 31st playoff visit. Los Angeles has won the NL West five years in a row, but have no World Series appearances since 1988.

Washington Nationals, NL East Champions. Back-to-back National League East titles for the Nationals, making their fourth appearance since moving to DC. For the franchise, it is their fifth all-time visit to the postseason. The Nationals/Expos franchise has only won one postseason series, and that was in 1981.

Chicago Cubs, NL Central Champions. Defending World Series champions from 2016, snapping a 108-year drought. Three playoff appearances in a row for the Cubs (for first time in over 100 years), and 18th overall.

Arizona Diamondbacks, first Wild Card. Another major turnaround from 2016 to 2017, as the D-Backs increased their win total by over 20. This is Arizona’s first appearance since 2011, and sixth overall. Arizona will play in the NL Wild Card Game for the first time.

Colorado Rockies, second Wild Card. The fourth playoff appearance for the Colorado Rockies, and first since 2009. Like Arizona, this is also their first trip to the NL Wild Card Game.



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