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Big Brother Tournament of Winners


The USA Big Brother Tournament of Winners

Which of the 18 victorious House Guests reigns supreme?

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Editor’s Note: Never fear, we’re going to update the field and bracket in time for Big Brother 20 with all of the American winners, even Marissa. New polls and new matchups to come. Stay tuned.

The Big Brother Tournament will crown the all-time best winner in the history of the United States edition of the show.

Big Brother has become a cultural institution in America, or, as some say, ‘Murica. For eighteen years, House Guests have gathered under the watchful eyes of fans on live internet feeds. In a few days, Julie Chen will welcome a collection of new contestants (16 at least) into the Los Angeles set vaguely resembling a house.

Every year, there’s the country folk, the conniving bitch, the moron(s), the floaters, those desperately seeking a showmance and getting it, those desperately seeking a showmance and not getting it, and the dork (see previous entry). More recent seasons have also featured returning veterans, perhaps too many. Word is another one will enter for Season 19, maybe even two. They don’t pay me to know these things.

We set out to answer the question definitively, and in only the way a place like The Bracket Yard can. Who was the best Big Brother (US) winner in all of its prior 18 seasons?

In order to determine the best Big Brother winner ever, we must first rank the 18 winners. We formed a selection committee (no, really, we did) and they determined the seeds from top to bottom.

Before we begin, let’s get one thing right. We know that particular BB winners are thoroughly despised, putting it charitably. If you gather 50 BB fans, you’ll probably find that all 18 of them have haters. We are not going to please everyone. For God’s sake, don’t take any of this personally. If you do and you’re not a past winner ranked in the bottom half, please seek help. If you are a past winner reading this and your ranking bothers you, please also seek help. You were on TV and won money to sit in a house and let people watch you. It’s a good gig if you can get it.

Now would also be a good time to visit our Big Brother 19 State of Play and Commentary page. Prepare for daily, or almost daily, updates throughout the new season.

Big Brother Tournament Seeds List, As Determined By Our Selection Committee

1: Dan Gheesling, Season 10
2: Will Kirby, Season 2
3: Derrick Levasseur, Season 16
4: Maggie Ausburn, Season 6
5: Jun Song, Season 4
6: Ian Terry, Season 14

7: Dick Donato, Season 8
8: Rachel Reilly, Season 13
9: Mike “Boogie” Malin, Season 7 (All-Stars)
10: Hayden Moss, Season 12
11: Nicole Franzel, Season 18
12: Drew Daniel, Season 5

13: Lisa Donahue, Season 3
14: Steve Moses, Season 17
15: Jordan Lloyd, Season 11
16: Andy Herren, Season 15
17: Adam Jasinski, Season 9
18: Eddie McGee, Season 1

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